Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hello everybody,

I wanted to inform and apologize to those who came by our meeting today and did not find us there at the usual meeting location. We encountered some difficulty in reserving our usual location. I did, however, post our weekly meeting schedule and the location for the rest of the quarter on our club website. We will be meeting at our usual location Room 9202 Conference B in the PUB until the December 3rd meeting.

We will be holding a video session at the beginning of our next meeting on Wednesday. This inspiring video is about the Grameen Bank which was the first microfinance bank ever built. It will be about 15 minutes long and it will be followed by a short discussion. Be sure to join us for this film presentation at our meeting next week.

The first of our lecture series event is only about 25 days away so if you want to take part in preparing for this exciting event, be sure to come stop by our meeting next week.

Last but not the least, we held club officer elections today and I wanted to congratulate all of our awesome officers for their new positions.

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