Monday, June 8, 2009


Hi everyone,

Club party is held at Richmond Beach on Tuesday, June 9th. The event begins at 3pm and open ended. Please click for direction and the location where the group meets. If you will be taking bus to get there, please join Andy at the Bus stop at 1:43pm.

WED isn't Wednesday?!! What is going on????
World Environment Day (WED) 2009 is on June 5th. Go here for this annual event's description and more educational information and data.

Club Constitution was revised. Members, at the meeting on June 3rd, voted to consent it as new official Club Constitution of Global Development Project Club (GDP Club). The copies of the Constitution were already sent to the Student Body Association at Shoreline for further approval and processing.

Last but not least, check out the awesome picture slide shows below. Thank you so much, Kala!!

Good Luck On Finals.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Photos from Winter and Spring Quarter Events

Thank you to all of you for helping us to achieve so much in the past two quarters!
Good Luck to everyone on finals and hope to see you all back in summer and fall!

Food Drives for Northwest Harvest and Greenwood Food Bank:

Hunger Banquet:

Spring Clubs Expo:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Update: Weekly Meeting of June 3rd

Hello GDP members,

Global Development Project Club will be having the last meeting of spring quarter for usual club business and Election of officers for summer qtr on Wednesday, June 3rd. Please find the agenda of the week here. Come earlier for a drink and the Open Comment Period! Besides, we will take club photo after the meeting.

Time: 1:45PM
(PUB) Rm. 9202

---------------- Announcements ----------------

★ Bali Trip Committee
The group will meet TOMORROW, Tuesday, at PUB rm. 9202. Meeting starts at 3pm.

Election of club officers for summer quarter

(Vice President)
Events Coordinator
Public Information Office

**Be a part of the leadership team to serve Shoreline people and help spreading awareness of global economic issues.**

You can run for any vacancies (in parentheses) or run against anybody who has already taken over the positions. What you want to do is getting prepared to speak in front of the group for 2-3 minutes. To state WHY you want to join this “family”, WHAT you can do/ did before (share your expertise with us), and HOW you can reach your goals which are the ideas for the club.

-------- Events coming up! --------

★ Club Party

Have you ever thought of running around on a beach with everyone you know before the finals? Dreams come true!! GDP club will hold an international potluck at Richmond Beach on Tuesday, June 9th – prep day which also called “dead day.” The day is open ended until you guys are all exhausted. The group will meet at the Richmond Beach Park (parking lot) at 3pm.

When? Tuesday, June 12th, 3pm – open ended
Where? Richmond Beach
What to bring? You can bring the food that you like the most to share with everyone. You can either cook it yourself and/or make purchases at local markets.

Join the club meeting on Wednesday to find out more.

------------------------ The End ------------------------

Thanks for reading.