Monday, October 13, 2008

Club Kickoff Turnout

Hello everybody,

To all those who helped prepare for the Club Kickoff, AWESOME JOB!!! We had a really great turnout and it was really exciting to meet so many people interested in getting to know more about our club and what it is that we do.
One of the great things about our club is that because we are very young and new club so members and students like you and me have the opportunity to make the club into whatever we want it to be. Well, I hope to see you all soon at our coming club meeting!
Our club meeting will be held on regular time schedule: Wednesday at 12:30 PM in Room 9202


sambiblio said...

Greetings Se and all other fellows of this new club. I am looking forward to meeting you when I can and growing in knowledge as time passes. I think that with globalization spreading as quickly as it is, it's infinitely important to think of new ways to encounter, interpret, and implement progressive ideas and ideals, including how we approach economics, a subject that is new to me.
Best regards,

Se Hoon said...

I definitely agree. I also think that especially with an issue as serious and large in scope as poverty is, its important to look at it from many different approaches in terms of economically, socially, politically, and culturally, just to name a few.
I hope that all of us who take part in this exciting experience can help each other grow intellectually but also in many other important ways.
Se Hoon