Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update: Weekly Meeting of March 11th

Hi GDP members,

Time flies; we are going to have our last meeting of the quarter. By having this unique chance, I would like to thank the officers for their awesome suggestions and real actions. I also appreciate for all commitments from our members; your effort did pay off! Last but not least, I am glad to have our club advisors: Prof. Tim Payne and Prof. Steven McCloskey, kindly share their stories which interest everyone. Thank you so much!!

Date: Wednesday, March 11th
Time: 2 P.M.
Venue: Rm1010 - Inside the Admin. (1000) Building

Please find the meeting agenda of this week here. Want to know more about what GDP Club would be doing next quarter? Email to GDP@shoreline.edu for “What are going on in GDP Club” (its on-line verson is NOT available yet). Welcome for comments on any event. Thank you.


Hunger Banquet Planning Subcommittee will be meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at the main dinning hall at 1:45 pm. Please provide a hard copy for all your information and be on-time. Open and welcome to all club members.

Please read closely since it has been revised and is as the final version - Election of officers for Spring Quarter
Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer are available officer positions for Spring quarter. You can ALSO run for any position that someone is currently on. Election will be held during the meeting. You are asked to give a short 2-3 minute speech which at least covers the following questions:

1. Your academic major (Introduce yourself)
2. Reasons for choosing specific position (Share your strengths)
3. New ideas for the club

If you are interested, please email to GDP@shoreline.edu (just want to have a basic idea of how many people will be running for the same position).

Bail Trip Committee will be meeting on Thursday, at Rm. 9202, 3 – 4 pm.

Thank you!!

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