Monday, March 30, 2009

Update: Weekly Meeting of April 1st

Hi GDP members,

The spring quarter has just started; have you had a chance to meet with your new professors and classmates? If you missed classes today, please set a couple more alarms next to you tonight!! Besides, I am here to encourage you to attend the first club meeting this Wednesday, at 1:30, at Rm. 9202.

A lot of updates and issues will be covered. Most importantly, two friends of mine (club members) will share their experience in other countries as first persons to see how one's life would like if s/he lives in poverty. Please find the agenda of the week here.

Also, people below are honored to be able to serve and create a better platform engaging in discussions for you this quarter.

Club Advisor: Prof. Timothy Payne
Club Advisor: Prof. Stephen McCloskey
President: Andy Chan
Vice President: Kala Heekin
Secretary: Felicia Firdaus
Treasurer: James Chan
Historian: Keiko Okada
Events Coordinator: Jennifer Widjaja
Public Information Officer: Aaron Young

Thanks for reading.

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