Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Updates regarding the FOOD DRIVE

Dear GDP members,

The dates of FOOD DRIVE FOR NORTHWEST HARVEST is extended through Friday, March 6th!!!!!!!

We are expecting to receive more and more through til the end of the food drive. Academic clubs on campus may introduce this event and raise fund among the members. Besides, GDP Club CAN only take food donation! We also love to deliver 11 boxes of food to serve people indeed, but it can’t happen without our club memebers' kindly support. Volunteer in our team!! & we need 2 volunteers for each period. Thank you in advance for your support.

*Please be aware that we are ONLY open from 8:30 am - 1:30 pm with our new schedule.

(Revised on March 3nd, 10:15 pm)
Mar 2nd – Monday
0830-0925: Se Hoon
1025-1125: Andy & Ivana
1125-1225: Andre, Jennifer, Lisa and Kevin
1225-1330: Felicia, Jolie & Monika

Mar 3rd – Tuesday
0830-0925: Se Hoon
0925-1025: Ivana
1025-1125: Andy, Crystal & Ivana
1125-1225: Ribka & Stefani
1225-1330: Jolie

Mar 4th – Wednesday
0830-0925: Carol, Shelley
0925-1025: Andy
1025-1125: Andy & Ivana
1125-1225: Becky & Ivana
1225-1330: Felicia, Kala & Monika

Mar 5th – Thursday
0830-0925: James & Se Hoon
0925-1025: Eric & Jolie
1025-1125: Andy, Crystal & Ivana
1125-1225: Becky & Jolie
1225-1330: Tiffanie

Mar 6th - Friday
0830-0925: James & Andy
0925-1025: Eric
1025-1125: Tiffanie
1125-1225: Jolie
1225-1330: Jolie

You are not only asked to sit at the site but also experience interesting discussion among club volunteers at your periods. Some members and I were there for 2 days, and I truly believe that we all had a really good time only sitting on chairs and kept talking. Come Join Us! Send us an email with your periods that you want to take part in to . Thank you all; I LOVE you guys :-P

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