Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Updates after April 22nd meeting

Hi all members,

Thank you for being in the meeting today, and I have several updates to share here.

Food Drive for Greenwood Food Bank begins tomorrow. A table will be set up at the PUB lobby between 8:30am – 1:30pm everyday until April 30th. Club volunteers who work tomorrow are: Jolie Wahmuth, James Chan, Andy Chan, and Kala Heekin. Be Early! Click to see the rest of the days. Please call 206.326.9119 for Andy if you can’t make to your period(s).

Volunteer Briefing Session for Hunger Banquet starts at 1:45pm, on Monday, April 27th, at Rm. 9102. Everyone is required to attend so please make sure that you can come.

Sign up for “2009 Hunger Banquet” here. Two great speakers come; spots fill up REALLY fast! Volunteers of the event DO NOT sign up. Thank you.

Here is the video "Public Health at Risk in Thailand" that we had for the discussion today. You can also find in on Youtube.

Thank you!

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