Sunday, November 23, 2008

Follow Up on Lecture Series I: Dr. Stephen Bezruchka

To the members and students who made it to the our lecture series event, I sincerely apologize for the limited seating. I know how uncomfortable it was for most of the attendees having to sit on the floor, stand against the wall and even outside the door (I was one of the ones standing outside) * *:
We will make sure to have seating arrangements and the venue more appropriate at our next event in Winter quarter. Also, to those who were at the event, besides the seating arrangement, is there anything that you particularly liked or disliked as an audience member? Any suggestions on a topic or topics that you would like to hear the speaker lecture about at our next event in Winter? Please send us your feedback either through our website, our club or my email address, we would greatly appreciate it.

I am in the process of posting online the sound recordings and pictures from the lecture with a visual presentation containing information about the topic. I have sent a copy to Dr. Bezruchka for his approval and I will be publishing it to the public as soon as I hear back from Dr. Bezruchka.

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